For a very long time I have been asking myself a simple question – How can we motivate people to take care of our dearest home: Mother Earth. 

It defies logic that we would seek to damage the home that provides for our very existence but that is exactly what is happening, and we are all to blame in some way for the harm that is being done. The good news is that we can all still contribute in doing something special in order to save ourselves and our precious planet.

After many weeks of endless brainstorming, my Dad and I have devised a plan. My Dad is a very practical type-of-guy and so he said “deep in their hearts, every human being has the need to do something good, but because of our daily routines, struggles and fears, people don’t necessarily pay attention to that need.” We therefore set out to find a way to create economic demand for the act of doing good – call it a fun incentive. And so, our game idea “IndexRiders” was born. 

The idea is that one person, for their own profit, rewards another for their good deeds. It is the ultimate win-win. All the player needs to do is simply guess the right price of bitcoin for a particular day and time. But this is the fun bit, if you do not point the correct price, you do not lose in the HUNTING game. Your rewards can increase substantially by FARMING Percentino Fruits! Each day you hold your BBD tokens, your Percentino Fruits’ energy grows by 1%. This majorly increases your rewards in HUNTING!

So, what has our game IndexRiders got to do with saving the planet? Alongside our game we have developed Mother Earth Guardians (MEG), a community of like-minded people, interested in doing something wonderful for the planet through a range of different activities, sharing a common vision. Mother Earth Guardians are rewarded in Percentino Fruits with their energy, which the players from HUNTING acquire to increase their winnings up to 400%!

Through the combination of MEG and IndexRiders we believe we have created a market that rewards doing good for Mother Earth. Anybody focused on doing good for the environment may present their activity to our community by creating a short video posted on Tik Tok or Instagram. The community will then vote for the most touching activities, which will receive rewards that can be used in the HUNTING game, or be sold on the MARKET.

The more people play IndexRiders, the higher the demand for rewarding ‘doing good’. When we come together to support the Earth there are no losers, because everybody wins.

We invite you to come join us on the journey,

Michelle & Team