Index Riders

Doing Good Counts!


Earn your Wins & Help the Planet!

All rewards payed in Bitcoin!

Index Riders is a game where one player, for their own profit, rewards another for their good deeds. All the player needs to do is simply guess the right price of Bitcoin for a particular day and time. 

So what has our game Index Riders got to do with saving the planet? Together with our game, we created Mother Earth Guardians (MEG) – a community of like-minded people, passionate about serving the planet. By using Percentino Fruits bought on the MARKET from MEG, you are automatically rewarding them for their environmental services for Mother Earth, and maximizing your winnings up to 400%!


Catch the Bitcoin price!

Win up to 400%

The rules are easy: All you need to do is correctly guess the price of Bitcoin (in USD) for a particular day and time! Predict correctly, and
you will be rewarded minimum 100% of your initial deposit or much more!

Don’t worry! If you did not point the correct price you can try your luck again for next HUNTING challenge. Your initial deposit is not all lost – you can use your tokens until you guess the correct price and win your rewards. You can change the amount and price at any time, up to
24h before the settled time.

In order to win a maximum bonus (up to 400%), remember to use the BBDs with as many Percentino Fruits as possible! You can load your
BBDs with Percentino Fruits at any time, from FARMING. Another option is to purchase Percentino Fruits from the MARKET, and load them on your already owned BBDs.


Farm your Win!

Hold your Tokens, Grow your Percentino Fruits, Maximize your Rewards!

In FARMING you are holding BBD tokens which produce the Percentino Fruits. Each BBD produces 1 Percentino Fruit per day. 1 Percentino Fruit increases your winnings in the HUNTING game by 1%. In order to take part in the HUNTING game, you need to absorb the BBD’s energy and and take a Percentino Fruit, to maximize your rewards.

You can also bring your Percentino Fruits to the MARKET for sale. In the MARKET you have an option of purchasing Percentino Fruits from
other Farmers or Mother Earth Guardians. The purchase maximizes your winnings in the HUNTING game.


Buy Percentino Fruits to maximize your win!

The only place to maximize your Profits and help the Environment!

In the MARKET, you can buy Percentino Fruits, packaged in boxes. By using the Percentino Fruits from the MARKET, you drastically increase your winning potential up to 400%, in the HUNTING game! The MARKET is a perfect tool for new Hunters, because from the first day of their game, they already have the chance of winning the biggest rewards! They do not need to wait to grow their Percentino Fruits in the Farm, as they would have already bought them in the MARKET!


Doing Good for Mother Earth!

Everybody who is serving the Planet is a Mother Earth Guardian

Every ‘doing good’ that you you do will be presented to the Index Riders community. The community will then vote to choose the “Top 10 Doing Good for Mother Earth” and how high the reward will be. If you happen to be part of the Top 10, you will receive the game token (BBD token + Percentino Fruits).

Projects that did not make it to the Top 10, yet we still find touching, will be rewarded with Percentino Fruits that can later on be sold in the MARKET.

Examples of ‘doing good’

– Planting trees

– Cleaning up beaches / forests / parks

– Volunteer at animal shelters